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Astute Capital PLC

Find out why 97% of existing investors rated Astute Capital PLC’s bond as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

“Astute Capital has successfully grown its lending business since it launched in 2016 through raising capital via its listed bond programmes on Euronext Dublin and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our speciality is lending to Real Estate companies that offer solid security but are perhaps restricted by timescales or multi asset security packages which larger banks simply won’t consider. We have firmly established ourselves within this niche that allows us to achieve strong returns supported by a robust security structure and lending policies. Our management team is comprised of seasoned industry experts which ensure strict corporate governance and compliance is maintained at all times. Our structure includes a credit committee with independent members and supported by an entirely independent Risk and Oversight Committee made up of solicitors and compliance advisors. We work with a growing network of corporate/financial advisors, family offices and institutions to raise capital for our lending operations and despite the challenges many businesses are facing during the current pandemic, we have positive outlook for 2021 and are taking in new funds.”

Richard Symonds, Managing Director, Astute Capital PLC

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